What Cheese Pairs Best with a Sidecar Cocktail?

Quick take: pair a Sidecar cocktail with Chevriou cheese

In our cheese + cocktail pairing project, I combine my cocktail know-how with the encyclopedic cheese knowledge of Jennifer Greco of Chez Loulou for a series of classic cocktail and cheese pairings starting with our September recommendation: Sidecar Cocktail & Chevriou


Notes, discoveries and tips worth sharing:

-Unlike last month’s Manhattan pairing, the Sidecar worked well with many of the cheeses we tried. In addition to the Chevriou, we also recommend (in order of preference): Brie de Meaux, Bouchon de Chèvre, 24 month Comté. Other cheeses that didn’t work so well with the pairing: Tomme Catalone, Trou de Cru, Fourme d’Ambert, Ossau-Iraty.

-We preferred Joaquín Simó’s modified Sidecar with extra simple syrup and no sugar rim for the fall cheese pairing with a rounder flavor profile and richer mouthfeel. We also liked the classic Sidecar with sugar rim, but felt it will work better for a summer cocktail or pairing as it was lighter, brighter and more fun.

All the Sidecars we tried worked with the Chevriou, including Pernod Ferrand 1840, Camus XO and Camus VSOP.  I had a preference for the Pierre Ferrand, but again – like the Rittenhouse – that may be partially due to its frequent use in craft cocktail circles, thus familiarity.

-I like to strain my lemon juice before adding it to the shaker (rather than double straining the cocktail at the end) because it makes a more accurate and better balanced finished product.

Sidecar by Joaquín Simó

60ml Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac, preferably

20ml Curaçao, preferably Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao

20ml ounce lemon juice

1 teaspoon rich demerara syrup (2:1, sugar:water)

Shake with ice, strain into chilled cocktail glass, express orange peel over drink and (optionally) drop in twist as a garnish.

If you’re here I already know you like cocktails. But, if you want to learn more about these or other cheeses, I recommend some time on Jennifer’s blog and Instagram or signing up for one of her cheese workshops with Paris by Mouth.

Up next month: What Cheese to Pair with the Boulvardier Cocktail?

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