De la cagette à l’asiette

De la cagette à l’assiette, le nom de ce salon est on ne peut plus explicite : pour bien manger, il faut choisir attentivement ses ingrédients. Nous vous les apportons sur une cagette, il n’y a plus qu’à les cuisiner ! […]

Brooklyn Summer Chill

Brooklyn summer chill is back for a second edition before la rentrée:
cool drinks & hot music to bring us back from holidays easy.
Happy hour on Frozen Rosalitas and apero snacks all night! […]

Beyond Bordeaux: A Tour of Natural Wines & Wine Bars

We’ll visit multiple locations and taste a range of wines that will change with the available selection – anything from Jura Chardonnay to cult cru Beaujolais to sparkling Grolleau from the Loire. The emphasis will be on what are often called vins natures: vibrant artisanal wines made with a minimum of preservatives and a maximum regard for terroir. […]