COVID 19 Effects on the Residents, Winemakers and Farmers of Rural France

In my continued extra episodes of Paris Cocktail Talk discussing the effects of COVID-19 on food and drinks in France, I’m speaking with Emily Dilling author of the Paris Paysanne blog and My Paris Market Cookbook for some anecdotal chat about life in the country and how the virus is affecting her and local winemakers and farmers in rural France. […]

Women & Champagne with Cynthia Coutu of Delectabulles

This month we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, a great occasion to bring together two fabulous topics: Women & Champagne. To take a deeper dive into these two subjects, I invited Cynthia Coutu, founder of Delectabulles, a champagne networking club for women into the studio to talk about her experience with women as champagne drinkers and champagne makers. […]