52 Martinis Calendar November

Old Fashioned Week 2017

A week dedicated to the noble Old Fashioned, and we’re celebrating on 6 continents! The Old Fashioned is the father of all cocktails. Sign up today! It’s easy to register: just visit https://www.old-fashioned-week.com/en/ and click on add +a venue […]

52 Martinis Calendar September

52 Martinis Meetup: Whisky Tasting

Single malts, blends or grain whiskies, the world of whisky is rich and complex and should be explored in good company. Let’s learn together to recognize and appreciate the flavors of 3 carefully selected whiskies from the same region to really understand their flavors. Novices and experts are welcome!  […]


La France produit quelques-uns des meilleurs spiritueux : anisé, armagnac, calvados, cognac, gin, eau-de-vie de fruit, rhum, vodka ou whisky. Sans oublier de nombreuses liqueurs de renommée mondiale.

France Quintessence est le salon de la dégustation entièrement dédié à la découverte de ces trésors. […]

Whisky Week

Whisky Week is coming!
We will be celebrating the #WorldWhiskyDay for a whole Whisky week starting Monday May 15th with a special Whisky and Cheese tasting menu. […]