PBW4: La Capsule (Lille) prend le contrôle de La Fine Mousse

Ils descendent du grand nord pour venir prendre possession de la Fine Mousse. La Capsule – Lille est un des bars à bières crafts pionnier en Europe. Avec une forte sélection de bières du nord (Cambier, Thiriez, etc) et belges (De Dolle, Cantillon, etc.) l’équipe de la Capsule prendra possession de notre bar . Ambiance, bonnes bières et nourriture généreuse garantie ! […]

Bière en canettes : Yes we Can!

We’ve always loved getting rid of clichés about beer. Our next target: the beer can. The idea that canned beer is cheap, the kind of beer to have while watching the game on the couch, no longer holds. The can is better for beer (it protects from UV rays), and better for the environment.
So come change your ideas about cans and beer while tasting some of the best craft beers ever to be canned. Charles Kokougan, who distributes many canned beers, will be there to back up our argument. […]

Dégustation avec Garrett Oliver (Brooklyn Brewing Co.)

Faut-il encore présenter Brooklyn Brewing, et son maître brasseur Garrett Oliver (« parrain » de Brew Unique) ? Fer de lance du mouvement craft sur la Côte Est des États-Unis, Brooklyn Brewing Co. est devenue célèbre pour ses bières alliant savoir-faire de haut niveau et accessibilité, tout en gardant une véritable passion pour l’expérimentation, incarnée par sa gamme de pointe comme le Black Ops Imperial Stout ou le Hand & Seal Barley Wine. […]

Beer, Brunch and Fun!

To kick off the Paris Beer Week in style and to satisfy your appetite as well as your curiosity, the Demory team is relocating for a special Brunch and will be giving you a sneak peak into the site of the future Demory-Paris Brewery […]

L’Alsace dans tous 16 états

Is the Alsace region only full of choucroute, pilsners and storks? Nope! There are some young, dynamic artisans that let themselves be inspired by regional traditions and then create some superb beverages! […]

Balade sur les traces des Anciennes brasseries parisiennes

The tour lasts for 2 ½-3 hours. In general, we begin from a Parisian metro station, then end the tour in a craft beer bar. We’ll discuss the history of the breweries of yesteryear all along the route, as well as the evolution of the production and consumption of beer throughout the ages. […]

Salon de l’ivre

The brewery will be open to the public, and there will be a book stand with books about beers (and other things), a presentation of circular economies, hops in Paris, a light saber combat, tastings, and lots of fun! […]