52 Martinis Events Calendar June

Live off the land // Scöut x Sherry Butt

Quoi de mieux pour terminer Cocktails Spirits en beauté que de venir boire un verre au Sherry Butt ? A cette occasion nos amis du Scöut à Londres se font un plaisir de venir nous faire partager leur savoir et évidemment quelques unes de leurs créations…

52 Martinis Events Calendar June

Guess who’s back? #2

À l’occasion de Cocktail Spirit, nous avons l’immense plaisir de faire (re) venir 2 personnes derrière notre bar le temps d’une soirée.
Après avoir travaillé sur Paris, ils ont ouvert leur bar il y a maintenant presque 2 ans dans une autre ville française. Plebiscités par tous, prix le fooding 2017, ils auront su en très peu de temps s’imposer sur le devant de la scène […]

Whisky Week

Whisky Week is coming!
We will be celebrating the #WorldWhiskyDay for a whole Whisky week starting Monday May 15th with a special Whisky and Cheese tasting menu. […]

Bière en canettes : Yes we Can!

We’ve always loved getting rid of clichés about beer. Our next target: the beer can. The idea that canned beer is cheap, the kind of beer to have while watching the game on the couch, no longer holds. The can is better for beer (it protects from UV rays), and better for the environment.
So come change your ideas about cans and beer while tasting some of the best craft beers ever to be canned. Charles Kokougan, who distributes many canned beers, will be there to back up our argument. […]

Cinco de Mayo Party

Wanna get your annual Cinco celebration on?
We know you don’t need an excuse to get your fill of Margaritas but we’ll have our favourite Rosalitas ready for you and throw in an all night happy hour on those babies. […]

Why Cachaca Matters by Dragos Axinte

Cachaça is one of the most comprehensive spirits categories on the planet, incorporating all aspects of the trade, from farming, community investment, and environmental preservation to global trade, market education, cultural transfer, and original cocktails. Novo Fogo’s CEO Dragos Axinte will explain why cachaça matters while guiding guests through a pairing of four Novo Fogo expressions served with lunchtime bites. […]

Pisco Sour Night

In Paris for the Easter weekend?
Pisco Sour Night y’all so no one has to feel lonely:
5€ Piscos all night and Rafael’s special playlist take you to total Pisco enlightenment.
From Chile? From Peru? Let’s find out! […]