The Pilot

In the pilot episode of Paris Cocktail Talk we talk about cocktail trends and favorite Paris bars with local bartenders Thierry Daniel, Josh Fontaine, and Thibaut Neuman.

Thierry Daniel is co-founder of Liquid Liquid and the Cocktail Spirits salon. In addition to being part owner at Le CoqThierry also organises Paris Cocktail Week under Liquid Liquid. Thierry recommends checking out Mabel, Castor Club, Lone Palm, Hexagoneand Le Bar du Bristol for great cocktails in Paris.

Josh Fontaine is the co-owner of Candelaria, Glass, Le Mary Celesteand Hero, he recommends getting a drink atMabel, Baton Rouge or Bespoke while in Paris.

Thibaut Neuman is a Paris-based drinker and writer, he recommends heading to Mabel and Pas de Loup for a delicious drink.

Special thanks to Son Little for letting us use his song “The River” for the podcast theme music.

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