Technology and Drinking Trends in Paris

Paris Cocktail Talk

This month we’re looking at how technology is changing and shaping drinking trends in Paris including home delivery cocktails, cashless bar experiences and a range of free cocktails each month for 9.99. To discover more about all of this, we talk to the brains behind Nighthawks, Barnaby and Firsty.

Thanks to Sylvain Protais of  Nighthawks for joining us. Nighthawks chooses the best Parisian cocktail bars and delivers cocktails directly to your home or event. Cocktails are bottled minutes before delivery and ready to drink with ice, garnishes, and serving suggestions.

The “particular” (individuals) offer is available upon ordering two cocktails that will be delivered within 30 minutes.

The “événement” (event-based) offer is available at reduced rates for orders of 20 cocktails and more on pre-order.

During this episode, we also interviewed Quentin Thireau for Barnaby. Barnaby offers a curated selection of the best places to have a drink in Paris. Discover, enjoy and don’t ever worry about the bill again using their app which helps you find nearest hot spots and pays the bill automatically using Bar Tab 2.0 technology.

Finding, enjoying, and paying for cocktails in Paris has never been so easy and fun!

Finally, we spoke to Firsty cofounder Harry Knowlman. Firsty is a subscription based cocktail club that gets its members one free drink a day in the best bars and restaurants in Paris.

The app is free to download and becoming a member costs 9.99€ a month. YES that is the price of ONE drink and you can get up to 30 !

Special thanks to Son Little for letting us use his song “The River” for the podcast theme music.

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