Females in the Industry

Paris Cocktail Talk - Females in the Industry

This episode of Paris Cocktail Talk focuses on Females in the Industry. We’ll talk with Aurélie Panhelleux of CopperBay, Audrey Fort of the Rooster Factory, and Ivy Mix of Leyenda Bar and Speed Rack. We’ll also have a great recipe for the Pink Lady cocktail.

Aurelie Panhelleux is a longtime bartender and owner of the Paris cocktail bar Copper Bay.







Audrey Fort is a multilingual globetrotter, bon vivant, and cocktail lover. A respected member of the liquor industry, Audrey led and moderated numerous seminars about the drinks business at major international industry conferences. Audrey is a member of the Tales of the Cocktail seminars selection committee, an Academy member of the World’s 50 Best Bars and was named one of the 300 innovative French talents across the worlds of gastronomy, art, mixology, entertainment & fashion by L’Officiel and Martell.


Ivy Mix is the owner of  Brooklyn bar Leyenda and founder of Speed Rack. Ivy recommends reading Own It: The Power of Women at Work.


Featured Cocktail Recipe: Pink Lady

You can find Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s grenedine recipe here

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