Beginner Bartender Basics

This episode of Paris Cocktail Talk is all about basics for the beginner home bartender. We’ll talk with local shop owners and bartenders and get advice on how to start up a home bar and equip yourself to make cocktails from the comfort chez vous!

Antoine Moncet is the sales manager of Oogy Wawa, where he sells bar supplies and gives cocktail classes. Antoine suggests that beginner bartenders equip themselves with a 3 piece shaker, spoon, muddler, and a jigger. He also suggests checking out the book Larousse des Cocktails.

Jérémy Auger is a bartender at Bar Le Coq where he also gives cocktail classes. Jeremy shares the secret to great cocktails, which is the balance of sweet, sour, and strong flavors. He also insists on the importance of using high quality ingredients in your cocktails.

Diego Araud is the retail manager at La Maison du Whiskey. Diego suggests starting your bar with bottles of rum, vodka, gin, American whiskey, vermouth, and aromatic bitters. He also suggests checking studying books like Difford’s Guide and Le Guide de l’Expert. You can be like Diego and make your own simple syrup here’s Jeffrey Morgenthaler with some advice.

For more information about this episode’s cocktail, the Last Word, check out this Seattle Times article.

Special thanks to Son Little for letting us use his song “The River” for the podcast theme music.

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