Craft Beer In France

Welcome to the rentree (that’s what those of us in France call September/back-to-school/back-to-business) It’s a time where you are catching back up with ‘Real Life” so you might not have time to faff around with […]

Paris Cocktail Talk

French Home Drinking Habits

After the last few month’s episodes on wine, we’re cracking back into cocktails – specifically how the French drink them at home and new technologies designed to help with your DIY drinks.  To unpack all […]

How to Pair Wine & Cheese

This month we invite Preston Mohr of Paris By The Glass and Château de Pommard into the studio to talk about two of our favorite things: wine and cheese. Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Preston first […]

52 Martinis Paris Cocktail Talk

Introduction to Mezcal

Hello Cocktail Lovers. Welcome to Paris Cocktail Talk, the show brought to you by the 52 Martinis guide to Paris Cocktail Bars. I’m Forest Collins and I’m here to talk to you about cocktailing in […]