Women & Champagne with Cynthia Coutu of Delectabulles

This month we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, a great occasion to bring together two fabulous topics: Women & Champagne. To take a deeper dive into these two subjects, I invited Cynthia Coutu, founder of Delectabulles, a champagne networking club for women into the studio to talk about her experience with women as champagne drinkers and champagne makers.

Drinking French with David Lebovitz

We had him in the studio this month to discuss latest book, which is on a topic close to my heart. Drinking French is an exploration of French drinking culture, including cafe drinks, aperitifs, liqueurs and infusions, cocktails and snacks.

Bringing Foreign Wine and Spirits into France

I recently went to a wine tasting with Ramon Bilbao, a Spanish company responsible for a large portion of the rioja wine  that is consumed around the world. It got me thinking about how hard it can be to find a large selection of foreign wine in France.  France has a lot of great domestic […]

52 Martinis Paris Cocktail Talk

How Cities are Shaping their Cocktails

Cocktails are global business. They are in every capital city and are thriving in second cities around the world. I travel when I can both internationally and within France and it’s always interesting to me to see how different cities approach cocktails. So, this month, I’ve invited friends and fellow bloggers, Mel and Anthony, into […]

52 Martinis Paris Cocktail Talk

Digital Evolution in Wine

Sébastien Burel was so much fun to have in the studio this month to share his thoughts and observations on how technology is changing the world of wine and talk about his popup wine shop events and his application that makes it possible: Fermynt.  Sébastien is 50 years old (but doesn’t look it!) and was […]

Philippe Guillon of Riedel France

We talk a lot about cocktails, spirits, wine and other alcoholic drinks here on the show. But, none of us (well hopefully none of us) spend our time drinking alone in dark rooms, thinking only about the liquid in the glass. There is more to the experience than just the drink. That’s why we drink […]

Craft Beer In France

Welcome to the rentree (that’s what those of us in France call September/back-to-school/back-to-business) It’s a time where you are catching back up with ‘Real Life” so you might not have time to faff around with cocktails and recipes. So, this month we are talking about something simple: Craft Beer.  All you have to do is […]

52 Martinis Paris Cocktail Talk

Emily Dilling on Eating and Drinking in Paris

This month we are chatting with Emily Dilling, author of My Paris Market Cookbook, which was released last month as an updated and revised edition. The new version of the book contains updated information and added content on the Paris food and beverage scene, as well as seasonal recipes for the home cook. Emily is […]

Paris Cocktail Talk

French Home Drinking Habits

After the last few month’s episodes on wine, we’re cracking back into cocktails – specifically how the French drink them at home and new technologies designed to help with your DIY drinks.  To unpack all that, we invited Philippe-Alexandre Bernatchez of Opn into the studio. Philippe-Alexandre is the Senior Marketing Project Manager at Opn. Born […]

Is France Really at the Top of the Wine World?

This month we invite Preston Mohr of Paris By The Glass and Château de Pommard into the studio to talk about French wine. Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Preston first came to Paris to complete his studies in art history. As of now he has now lived in France for over 15 years and holds a […]

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