Craft Beer and Cocktails in Paris

52 Martinis Paris Cocktail Talk: Craft Beer and Cocktails in Paris


With the fifth annual Paris Beer Week happening in June, we take the occasion to dive a little deeper into the Paris craft beer scene, compare and contrast it to the cocktail scene and take a bit about mixing beer into cocktails.

52 Martinis Paris Cocktail Talk: Craft Beer and Cocktails in ParisWe were lucky enough to get Laurent Cicurel one of the founders and managers  of la Fine Mousse as well as Matthew Long, bartender and manager at the Experimental Cocktail Club.  These two bars were forerunners in kicking off their respective Paris drinking trends and these guys had a ton of interesting talk about the topic.

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As always, thank YOU for listening and thanks to our guests Matthew Long and Laurent Cicurel for taking the time to come down (and climb the many stairs!!) to the studio.

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Emily Dilling of Paris Paysanne for show notes and web assistance. And don’t forget that Emily has recently set up Female Boss Brewery in the Loire, where she’s making some great small batch craft beer. It not only tastes really good, but the art on the label is pretty cool too.  If you want to check it out, you’ll find it at  P’tit cou de la girafe in the 11th!

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