52 Martinis X Nighthawks PopUp bar

Exciting news! We teamed up with Nighthawks cocktail delivery service to create a one-night-only exclusive cocktail experience with an ephemeral 52Martinis bar offering a selection of cocktails from some of the city’s best bars. […]

Soirée dégustation Rhum

Avis à tous les amateurs de rhum, c’est ici que ça se passe !! Rhum Attitude anime une soirée dégustation en partenariat avec le Maria Loca Paris le 5 juillet à partir de 19h. Au […]


Meet Sangrita, Tequila’s Lesser Known Sidekick

Thought lime and salt were tequila’s BFF’s? Think again. For something that enhances the experience rather than just shocking the senses with down-in-one shots, try a more traditional sangrita/tequila combo.  Sangrita is a non-alcoholic juice […]

No Picture

G’Vine GCP 2012

GCP 2012 Winner, Shaher Misif of Cantina, San Fransisco: the Interview In a wrap up to this year’s GCP 2012 coverage, we asked and Shaher answered: How will winning the GCP 2012 title change your […]