Paris Cocktail Talk: Paris Cocktail Week 2018

Paris Cocktail Week 2018

For our January episode, we’re celebrating the upcoming 4th annual Paris Cocktail Week (20 – 27 January 2018) and talking to local industry personality Joshua Fontaine about the current state of the Paris cocktail scene. […]

Christmas Sugar+Spice Tour!

Women of Paris has decided to do the first ever charity Sugar+Spice tour in the spirit of the holiday season! We are super excited to do this and all donations will go towards a campaign for women based in France called #WhoisYourHeroine? […]

52 Martinis Calendar October

Les Foodistas d’Paname

Les Nanas d’Paname débarquent avec Les Foodistas d’Paname: La première soirée totalement dédiée aux Food Créatives parisiennes ! Une initiative soutenue par Christelle Brua, chef pâtissière *** au Pré Catelan.

Mise en lumière des nouvelles Food Créatives parisiennes via une expérience immersive dans le monde des Nanas d’Paname.
A l’image de leur univers, cette soirée va être UNIQUE : Dégustation, Live Cooking, Meet up, Vernissage, Dj’set, Animations, Cocktail signature inédit… […]

Paris Cocktail Talk - Females in the Industry

Females in the Industry

This episode of Paris Cocktail Talk focuses on Females in the Industry. We’ll talk with Aurélie Panhelleux of CopperBay, Audrey Fort of the Rooster Factory, and Ivy Mix of Leyenda Bar and Speed Rack. We’ll also have a great recipe for the Pink Lady cocktail. […]