Rhum tasting at Maria Loca

Rhum Attitude anime pour la troisième fois une soirée dégustation de rhums au Maria Loca. Après la soirée spéciale “Made in France” du 27 septembre dernier au LE BAR by O’Sisters, c’est le style anglais […]

Soirée Rhum Attitude

Et oui septembre c’est la rentrée … mais la rentrée ça rime avec retour des soirées !!

Suite au franc succès (grâce à vous) de la séance du 5 juillet dernier au Maria Loca, Rhum Attitude vous propose une nouvelle soirée dégustation dans ce temple parisien du rhum. […]

The Earful Tower 52 Martinis Interview

The Earful Tower 52 Martinis Interview

This episode of Paris Cocktail Talk is a special recast of an Episode of The Earful Tower podcast in which Forest talks about her favorite bars, arrondissement by arrondissement. We’ll also have a great recipe for a classic cocktail that’s perfect for summer! […]

52 Martinis explores Rhum Fest 2017 for Paris Cocktail Talk

Rhum Fest

This episode of Paris Cocktail Talk is all about Rhum Fest 2017. We’ll talk with some of the brand ambassadors present at the Fest this year, with a focus on Rhum from exotic places like Thailand, Mexico, and beyond. We’ll also catch up with some of our favorite faces from the local cocktail scene and share a rhum based Drink of the Week Recipe with you. […]

Why Cachaca Matters by Dragos Axinte

Cachaça is one of the most comprehensive spirits categories on the planet, incorporating all aspects of the trade, from farming, community investment, and environmental preservation to global trade, market education, cultural transfer, and original cocktails. Novo Fogo’s CEO Dragos Axinte will explain why cachaça matters while guiding guests through a pairing of four Novo Fogo expressions served with lunchtime bites. […]