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Le Singe en Calbar !

April 25, 2017

Le Calbar invite Nicolas Blanchard de L'Heure du Singe à Toulouse pour un Guest Bartending toute la soirée ! [...]

Rock le Calbar

March 4, 2017

Dean “le Calbar” Callan will Rock Le Calbar! Xman of Monkey Shoulder Dean has steped down to leave room for Joe “Goodfellers” Petch who will soon be [...]

Paris Cocktail Talk: The Earful Tower 52 Martinis Interview

July 5, 2017

This episode of Paris Cocktail Talk is a special recast of an Episode of The Earful Tower podcast in which Forest talks about her favorite bars, arrondissement by arrondissement. We’ll also have a great recipe for a classic cocktail that's perfect for summer! [...]

52 Martinis X Nighthawks PopUp bar

March 14, 2017

Exciting news! We teamed up with Nighthawks cocktail delivery service to create a one-night-only exclusive cocktail experience with an ephemeral 52Martinis bar offering a selection of cocktails from some of the city’s best bars. [...]
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