We’re in the process of updating this page with general & of course interesting cocktail news. ┬ácheck back soon.

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  1. Hello,

    I’m a fan of your blog since I discovered it a few months ago. I became a member of your meetup group but unfortunately i haven’t had the opportunity to attend one of your meetups yet. Anyway, I just created the concept of Pop’up Jewel Bar, mixing jewelry exhibition (which I make) and fancy cocktails (which I create).
    I try to choose the best cocktail places, i make up a cocktail menu according to the theme of the collection I’m presenting, and I invite people to have fun in a cosmopolitan and cosy atmosphere. It’s really important for me to have this laid-back context, because I would be too shy to sell my jewels in a boutique or a salon, and it’s also an opportunity to discover new venues and to have people taste my cocktail creations.
    I hope we’ll have the opportunity to meet during a cocktail event!


  2. Hi Anahyse,

    Yes, i think we’ve corresponded about cocktails before. Feel free to drop me an email with more detail on the jewelry popups!

  3. I Will for sure! I try to have an event every month, the next one is tomorrow so probably a bit short, but I’ll keep you posted for the next one.

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