Friday Five

Sometimes on a Friday, I turn 52martinis over to other in-the-know Paris imbibers and get their take on the city’s best cocktails. Usually I feature five different people, but this week Pascal Iakovou, Editor in Chief of the über-fashionable Luxsure Magazine, gave me so many good cocktail spots, I’m giving him the whole Friday Five to himself!

For cocktail innovation and service: Try Le Starcky (champagne and mint) or the Millenium (a subtle melange of rosé Champagne, rose liqueur and orange essance) at the Bar 228 of Le Meurice.

Want something else original with killer service: Sample the Wasabi Martini (vodka, wasabi, lime juice and sugar cane syrup) at the Westin Hotel Bar.

Simply because it’s a must: a Bellini at Barlotti.

For privacy and discretion: Sip a Manhattan at le Cercle.

And, because it’s sexy: Order a Cointreaupolitan at Secret Square.

Thanks, Pascal!

Watch this space….I’ve already got the goods from savvy sippers for next week’s Friday Five!