Agave Related Reading Roundup

With the wrap up of Autour de l’Agave, we’re also wrapping up our agave series of articles.

For further reading and research on the subject, here’s a roundup of some interesting reads we found during the week:

Mezcal 101

Keep hearing about mezcal but still not exactly sure what we’re talking about? Then check out this primer from the Mezcalistas.  And get lost in the rest of their agave-packed blog while you’re there.

Eater: Beyond Tequila: Alternative Agave Spirits To Know

“As tequila tries to recover from a reputation long-built as the spirit of bad choices and blacked-out college years, its sister mezcal has sashayed onto craft cocktail menus, opening the door for lesser-known agave-based spirits.” And this article will tell you all about them in short, succinct way.

Punch Hecho in America: Distilling Agave Spirits Stateside

Punch talks about the trend of agave distilled spirits being made in American and its associated challenges, discussions and debates.

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What’s Wrong with Agave Nectar?

There’s been a recent backlash regarding the purported health benefits of agave syrup.  While it often gets touted as a healthy alternative to sugar, Dr Weil provides an alternative take on agave syrup.

How A Margarita Is About to Save a Bunch of Bats

Meanwhile over at, meet the Mexican Batman, who fights to “ fight to protect the long-nosed bat, ensure the safety of the larger eco-system and maintain the viability of the agave industry.”

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