52 Martinis: a blog, a concept, a lifestyle…

Cocktail Expert Forest Collins is the creator of 52martinis, a guide to the best cocktail bars in Paris and other small batch spirits news from France and recently launched a tightly curated and super cool Paris bar guide iOS app (download it for free through the end of the year!) As a freelance drinks writer, she has written for Drinks International, Serious Eats, World’s Best Bars, and PUNCH drinks about the Paris cocktail scene. Check out some of her writing clips here.

She regularly judges cocktail competitions and especially enjoys carrying out interviews with interesting industry personalities for her audio show/podcast, Paris Cocktail Talk.

In addition to researching and writing about Paris cocktails since 2007, she oversees a cocktail Meetup with over 1,300 members, and is the founder of the city’s only private popup cocktail club, The Chamber. And if you can manage to catch up with her, she’s also just a fun person to have a drink with.

Every week she tries a new Paris cocktail bar starting with a martini for a standard of comparison. She’ll usually order a second house specialty and has a regular crew of companions who join in the adventures so they can taste a range of cocktails. And for DIY types, she also covers the city’s cocktail classes and spirits shops.

Want to know more? Check out the Press page and join in the fun by following on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook as well. She’s also on Twitter…but is anyone even hanging out there anymore?? And she’s sometimes on Google+ but can’t really figure out how that one works, so it’s a rare occasion you’ll find her there.

Know a bar that makes great drinks in Paris or elsewhere?  Drop a line! She’d love to try it!





  1. Thanks! Still cleaning up a few things and updating some pages. Looking forward to a drink soon!

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  3. Forest,
    I love the ‘matted black which envelopes the patrons of the 25th Hour’! After your App, I do hope you work on a book.

    Have just dropped by to let you know that I’ve nominated 52 Martinis for two blog awards on thatlou.com. Whenever time allows take a look (I was nominated in April, so no rush!).

  4. I haven’t been to Marrakech for ages, so no new ideas. Last time I was there we spent a lot of time at le Comptoir, but more for the ambience than the cocktails (lots of infused vodkas, etc)

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