52 Martinis: a blog, a meetup group, a lifestyle…

Cocktail-stalker, opinion-foister, and things-happening-maker, I seek out superlative cocktails in the city, spill all on the blog and share these spots with readers through regularly organized soirées.

Every Wednesday I try a new Paris cocktail bar starting with a martini for a standard of comparison. I usually order a second house specialty and have a regular crew of companions who join in my adventures so we can taste a range of cocktails. And for DIY types, I also cover the city’s cocktail classes and spirits shops.

You’ll also find me writing about unusual eating and drinking experiences for well-known Paris based websites and publications. Want to know more? Check out the Press page and join in the fun by following on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Know a bar that makes great drinks?   Drop me a line – I’d love to try it!

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks! Still cleaning up a few things and updating some pages. Looking forward to a drink soon!

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  3. Forest,
    I love the ‘matted black which envelopes the patrons of the 25th Hour’! After your App, I do hope you work on a book.

    Have just dropped by to let you know that I’ve nominated 52 Martinis for two blog awards on thatlou.com. Whenever time allows take a look (I was nominated in April, so no rush!).

  4. I haven’t been to Marrakech for ages, so no new ideas. Last time I was there we spent a lot of time at le Comptoir, but more for the ambience than the cocktails (lots of infused vodkas, etc)

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