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The Whisky Shop Paris Celebrates One Year

The UK’s largest whisky only specialist, the Whiskey Shop, has been around since 1992 and, to date, has some 22 boutiques throughout Scotland and England. However, just last year, they decided to go a bit […]

*unique cocktail experiences

Le Carmen’s Infused Gin Goes Commercial

For the past few years, the G&T has been poised to be Paris’ next go to drink (like the Aperol Spritz). As more gincentric bars appear on the scene, drinkers search for something simple enough […]

*open Sundays

Café Altitude Alpine PopUp Ends 8 April

Café A continues with its cool revolving collaborations with the 2nd Żubrówka vodka Café Altitude bar. Like last year, this café with it’s large terrace has transformed into a pretty snow covered ski resort with […]