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Agave Related Reading Roundup

With the wrap up of Autour de l’Agave, we’re also wrapping up our agave series of articles. For further reading and research on the subject, here’s a roundup of some interesting reads we found during […]

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Worm Salt: What’s Up With That?

Okay, so the title is a tad misleading.  It’s not really “worm” salt, but rather larvae salt.  Does that make it sound better? Sal de Gusano is a Mexican condiment, primarily seen in Oaxaca, that […]


Meet Sangrita, Tequila’s Lesser Known Sidekick

Thought lime and salt were tequila’s BFF’s? Think again. For something that enhances the experience rather than just shocking the senses with down-in-one shots, try a more traditional sangrita/tequila combo.  Sangrita is a non-alcoholic juice […]