St Germain Cocktail Adventures

Popup St Germain Cocktail Corner at LMDW Fine Spirits 6 carrefour de l’Odeon 75006 Paris Tel: 01 46 34 70 20 I’ve mentioned before that one of the fun parts of writing a cocktail blog is meeting other interesting cocktail-minded people when they pass through Paris.Another upside is getting to take part in various cocktail […]

le Pompon: Paris Cocktail Bar (closed)

Le Pompon 39 Rue des Petites Ecuries Paris 75010 Tel: 01 53 34 60 85 I’d heard rumors about reputable bar and design talent either potentially, marginally, temporarily or fully involved in le Pompon for some time before its opening a few months ago. So, I was looking forward to checking up on it with […]

Royal Monceau: Stark Designed Paris Cocktail Bar

Royal Monceau 37 Avenue Hoche 75008 Paris 01 42 99 88 00 Wedding syndrome: Unrealistically high expectations unattainable in reality. Only One day. Only one chance. Everything. Must. Be. Perfect. I was recently in London for a wedding where the bride suffered none of that and as a result it was one of the most […]

le Molotov: Soviet Inspired Paris Cocktail Bar

4 rue du Port Mahon 75002 Paris Tel.: 01 73 70 98 46 Russian sounds irresistibly sexy to me. I’ve always been fascinated by the language and its unfamiliar alphabet. I took a Russian class once, but never got much further than learning the meaning of babushka. Contrary to its appealing sound, I discovered it’s […]

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