Paris Cocktail Adventure: le Train Bleu

le Train Bleu Gare de Lyon There’s something about a combination of splendor and decline that attracts me. Several weeks ago, someone invited me for a drink & suggested le Train Bleu as a meeting spot. This person scored major points for location – I love le Train Bleu. I love that this restaurant is […]

Paris Cocktail Adventures: Curio Parlor (CLOSED)

Curio Parlor 16 rue des Bernardins You know when you first fall for someone and you think everything they do is great? That’s how I’m feeling about the guys behind the Experimental at the moment. So, I was looking forward to this week’s cocktail adventure to their newly opened second bar, Curio Parlor, heart warm […]

Paris Cocktail Adventure: Curieux Spaghetti Bar

Curieux Spaghetti Bar 14, Rue Saint Merri 75004 Paris Tel : 01 42 72 75 97 Okay, I was attracted by the website. Under the heading “Ask my barman” reads: “classic martini.” I assumed that meant they know how to make a martini. But, the night I went apparently that meant “just TRY and ask […]

Classic Paris Cocktails + Whisky: Le Forvm Bar

Le Forvm 4, Boulevard Malesherbes 75008 Paris Tel : 01 42 65 37 86 (1 March 2010 update note: I’ve recently been back into the forvm and just loving what they are doing right now. Jerome is kicking ass behind the bar. I’m in a bit swamped right now, but I’ll be doing an updated […]

Paris Cocktail Bars: George V

George V 31 Avenue Georges V 75008 Paris Tel : 01 45 62 33 51 This will be a short post, because there’s not much to say: The George V is one of those bars, where they pretty much have to make good drinks & I’d say that the price you pay is not just […]

Wednesday Cocktail Adventure: Cocktails in Pint Glasses

The Café Iguana 15, rue de la Roquette 75011 PARIS I’m a bit behind in my blogging, but that’s probably because I wasn’t particularly inspired by my next bar following La Famille. Sometimes after I go to a place, someone will say “But why did you go there for cocktails?” And, it’s usually a place […]

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